CHS Clubs and Organizations

American Sign Language - (Sponsor: Ms. L. Fishman)

- Works to improve skills in the sport of Archery and competes in local and state tournaments (Sponsor: Mr. Green)

Bowling - (Sponsor: Mr. Derek Hornsby, Mr. David Ash)

Business/STEM ECHS
- Local, state, and national club for students preparing for careers in business and entrepreneurship, this club stresses exploration of business occupations and promotes development of important work skills such as organization, leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence. (Sponsors: Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Jacobik)

Class Councils
- Students self-nominate and interview with the sponsor(s) to serve their classes by planning and executing social and service events. (Sponsors: 9th - Mr. M. Lathery, Mrs. A. Hufferd; 10th - Ms. S. Howard, Ms. J. Phillips; 11th - Ms. K. Browne, Ms. L. Fishman; 12th - Ms. S. Brown, Mr. T. Zerbe)

Comic Book/Superhero Movie Club - Mr. Gabe Nobbe

Craft Club - Mrs. L. Adams/Mrs. M. Kitlinski/Ms. K. Browne

EIAL (Eastern Indiana Academic League)
- Six student teams compete in fine arts, social studies, math, English, science and interdisciplinary rounds.  Ability and interest in one or more of these subjects is a must to join a team. (Sponsors: Coordinator - Ms. L. Davis; Interdisciplinary - Ms. L. Davis; Math - Ms. L. Adams; Science - Mr. Dalrymple; Fine Arts - Mrs. Echano-Medina; Social Studies - Mr. B. Mitchell; English - Ms. L. Davis)

Environmental Club - Ms. S. Howard

FFA - A local, state and national club that develops leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.  FFA members must be enrolled in at least one agricultural course per year. (Sponsors: Mr. Nobbe) Click here for FFA webpage

French Club/Honor Society
- Open to all students studying French who want to explore the culture and language.  Activities may include field trips, food preparation, games, movies and holiday celebrations. (Sponsor: Mrs. Echano-Medina)

Japanese Club
- Open to all Japanese students who want to experience Japanese activities including cooking, games, movies, festivals, origami, calligraphy, chopstick practice, and Sakura restaurant lunch. (Sponsor: Ms. Kawakubo)

Key Club
- An opportunity for service leadership organization sponsored jointly by local Kiwanis Dlub and CHS.  The objective is to develop leadership and citizenship.  It is a student-led organization at the local, district and international level and the largest service organization of its kids.  Dues: $14. (Sponsor: Mr. Green)

National Honor Society - Students are invited to become members their junior or senior year based upon a set of criteria in academics, leadership and service. (Sponsor: Mrs. Baumer)

SADD - (Sponsor: Mr. Horn)

Spanish Club - Open to all Spanish students who wish to learn more about Hispanic culture.  Students have the opportunity to attend cultural field trips, learn about Hispanic dances, holidays, song, and movies.  Dues: $5.00 (Sponsors: Ms. K. Browne)

Spartan Writers - Mrs. Paula Shouse

Student Council - Includes all members of each Class Council and plans the major social events each school year. (Sponsor: Mrs. Schroeder; Mr. Beckman; Amanda Combs)

Student Government - Includes representatives elected each semester from period 3 SRT.  As a student congress, they discuss issues, form study groups, research, propose, and serve to improve school and community. (Sponsor: Mr. Horn)